TerraGroup Corporation

Project Description

“Jenn brings a wide range of skill sets to the table for my business. Her knowledge, honesty, sincerity and level of commitment put Jenn on the team for every critical effort the company undertakes. She is a powerful asset we’re glad we have.”

Primo L. Acernese
President & CEO
TerraGroup Corporation
Developer & Manufacturer of the USMC Lightweight Water Purification System


TerraGroup Corporation, based in Allentown, Pennsylvania, is a leading manufacturer of tactical lightweight water purification systems. TerraGroup’s products and services include portable water purification and filtration systems; water storage and distribution equipment; parts; service and training. These systems specifically address military field applications, potable water for disasters, emergency water supply and NBC decontamination.

TECWAR® water purification systems demonstrate superiority in simplicity of design, operation, and low maintenance requirements. They are designed for rapid response, remote locations and expeditionary teams. The systems are portable, scalable, modular and can be used in stand-alone applications or in combination with each other. No other reverse osmosis (RO) water purification system offers the flexibility and adaptability needed to meet a dynamic field environment.